Our Story

Wheelzup In the Making

Mandela and Jamie Echefu started Wheelzup Adventures as a hub for introducing, and in many cases reintroducing, people to the outdoors. After experiencing the healing that is available in the outdoors, they were moved to help others reconnect with their true selves and loved ones in the beautiful and magical outdoors of Western Maryland.


Mandela was born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa; he worked for 15 years in the healthcare industry before together with Jamie starting Wheelzup. Jamie is a registered CPA and the brains of the operation, a native of Cumberland, MD, with a big city mindset. They are blessed with 3 beautiful children, a cat, and a wonderful community - the Wheelzup Tribe.

There are some obvious personality differences between Mandela and Jamie, but they both agree that Wheelzup MUST provide these three things to succeed: Access - Knowledge - Community.