I remember the first day it bit me - the outdoor bug! Driving to Baltimore on a crisp fall day, I came upon the Sidling Hill cut on I-68E. I remember that the mountains were so commanding I pulled over and came out to take in the views.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Wheelzup Adventures was started to help others share the same feeling that I felt that day. To realize that the mountains, rivers, valleys and quiet meadows of this part of the country are a gift for all those who visit.

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Our Mission is to facilitate

self-discovery in the outdoors. 

We help you break down barriers through access, knowledge, and community.


We are committed to facilitating access to the outdoors where recreation, self-discovery, spiritual renewal, and mental

healing occur.


One of the biggest barriers to enjoying the outdoors is an intimidation factor from a  lack of knowledge. Rest easy, young grasshopper: we have you covered!



Let's play together! We're always looking for new collaboration and connections in our community. We'd love to hear from you and welcome you into the community you crave.