All About WheelzUp

All About WheelzUp

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Our Mission:

to facilitate

self- discovery

in the outdoors!

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Our pillars


We encourage others to bring someone along, and we nurture partnerships with like-minded organizations and advocacy groups like:


  • Rocky Gap State Park

  • Frostburg State University

  • Western Maryland Climbing Coalition



We are committed to facilitating access to the outdoors where recreation, self-discovery, spiritual renewal, and mental healing occurs.



One of the biggest barriers to enjoying the outdoors is the intimidation factor, usually from a lack of knowledge. Rest easy, young grasshopper: we have you covered!

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We offer free clinics and mentorship programs to offer knowledge on everything from beginning skateboarding to multiple day backpacking trips.

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Join us for Wheelzup Wednesdays!

Every Wednesday at 6pm, we meet at the shop and split into 2 groups; hikers and bikers. We hike or bike for 90 mins, not for speed, but to build relationships.


It is a fantastic opportunity to meet people and build community. Bring the kids, pets and smiles.


Let's play together, meet new people - it's all about people and life is a better adventure with more people. We are committed to creating positive community.