August 2022 Newsletter

by | Aug 5, 2022 | Newsletters

Just like that, it’s almost over…

It’s August now, – the kids are prepping to head back to school, vacations are becoming memories and the season of the sun is winding down. Like most good things, it all seems to fly by too fast. The question though remains – does it all have to be so transient? Do we really have to live for weekends and 2 weeks in the summer and the occasional mental health day? Can we be brave and design a lifestyle that supplies perpetual fulfillment – A never ending summer? I think we can, but that will not happen if we don’t see that as a possibility. Like a new business, the answer is always Yes, the question is How… Now you are thinking.
We are proud to not only be black-owned, but only the third black – owned specialty outdoor retail store in the country! That is amazing and somewhat depressing at the same time.
Wheelzup continues to be your one stop for all things ebikes. With an assortment of different types of Class 1 ebike. Stop in and see our offerings from Electra
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Wheelzup Climbing Clinic
We had a great time at the climbing clinic at Rocky Gap state park. We had 4 top ropes set up with different difficulty levels, and had an amazing time getting people climbing. Some were first time climbers, others not. It was a great opportunity to safely try the sport and meet a few other climbers. We will be offering guided climbing trips starting in the Fall, is that something you would be interested in? Reply and let us know.

Mandela’s Muses

Reinventing one’s self – As they say, it’s a thin line between love and hate, winning and losing, perspective and pessimism. I think it’s a thin line between stagnation and total self-reinvention, better yet, I think it is critical that we every so often attempt to reinvent ourselves and move in a totally new direction than we have been on for a while. Reinvention comes with the prerequisite of learning something new and challenging ones self. Quick exercise – think about the last 60 days – what is something new you have learnt? How about learning to snowshoe or cross country ski this winter?
From Rip on the show Yellowstone, the secret to success, perspective, and reinvention is understanding that you don’t deserve it – you never will. What is it you ask?
I’ll let you decide that. Keep your wheelz up!

Wilderness First Aid and First Responder Class
We are getting together a WFA and WFR class for the fall and are trying to gauge interest. This will take place in Cumberland, MD. Is this something you are interested in, or know of others who would be? Easily say Yes, I’m in
Wheelzup Next Big Adventure

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Every Wednesday at 6pm, come experience Wheelzup Wednesdays. 60 mins – Hike or Bike, Easy pace and opportunity to meet some really cool people. Meet outside Wheelzup!
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