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Pic Caption of the Week: Tis the time to go for it…Braaap!!!

Wheelzup Weekly

What’s up People!
Some quick thoughts for your week:

“How to connect with others:

Share with someone who wants to listen or listen to someone who wants to share.”

James Clear
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A Trail Tale (Mandela’s muses). 

A few years ago, a few friends and I decided to hike the entire Maryland section of the Appalachian trail in 2 days. It all started well and fun, until we realized that whomever laid out that trail must have consumed more than his/her fair share of moonshine. It appeared that the trail took the steepest and rockiest options available. It took everything in us not to call for rescue.
It was perhaps one of my toughest adventures ever, there was no netter sign than seeing the Harpers Ferry bridge on day 2.

It begs the question: where is the edge of adventure? When is one more mile too much and we begin to enter the space that takes away instead of adding?
We all need to find and approach that line for ourselves.

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A Trails Update.

As you can imagine, there are a few things which are the bedrock of Outddor activities, and I dare say none more important than TRAILS. Here is a short update on what is happening with trails locally, and what you can do to help.

Constitution Park Multi-use Trail system: The City of Cumberland has been hard at work getting the trail system in Cumberland’s constitution park up and running. The plans have been approved, and the environmental studies close to being finished. I am told that there could be shovels in the ground as early as June. Yay!

Dan’s Mountain Trail System: More progress is being made at the state park with amazing single track laid down. It is a must go if you have not visited. Pro tip: Park at the top, past the swimming pool or else, its a long climb to the flowy, chunky awesomeness.

Rocky Gap State Park: Work continues to be done by the park officials, and Maryland Director of the Outdoors. The plan is to expand Bear Ridge trail, reroute it, and make it more handicap accessible. There is also plans to put another bathroom in that space to service bikers and hikers.

Rail trail Update: The trail surface on the C&O from Spring Gap has been resurfaced with packed crushed limestone, and looks and rides beautifully. 2024 Canal Trust Clean Up day for Allegany County, MD, for the C&O Canal Towpath will be June 22, 2024. 

Make your voice heard! Help us support ongoing efforts to resurface the C&O Canal towpath, and create a safer and more accessible trail. Sign the letter below.

Make sure you do your part to support the growth of trails in our community. You can do 

Happy Trails,

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