Four Bucket List Mini Adventures for 2023

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Another Trip Around

2023, do you believe it? Besides getting used to writing the date correctly, I dare say most of us are already settling into the rhythm of a new year. Those lofty expectations, grand resolutions and dreams to not repeat the steps that brought us here. There are no magic tips we have to share, save for the wise words of James Clear, author of Atomic Habits “Your calendar is a better measure of success than your bank account”. In the coming weeks and months, give yourself some grace – start small and spend some time with yourself. In this newsletter, we have some bucket-list mini adventures you should consider for 2023.
We had our first snow day here, and it was awesome! We got to try out the Salomon Escape Outpath 64 on our “home made” XC course… check out our video HERE. It’s a year to not take one’s self too seriously.
For the second year, we completed our first day hike and it was awesome to have such a great turnout. So many people also came out and welcomed the new year in hiking boots.
Four Family – Friendly Wheelzup Adventures to do in 2023

The Big Deal Ride
The Great Allegheny Passage trail is a 164 mile gem that runs from Cumberland and ends at Point State Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Big Deal ride take you along some of the best parts of the trail., Hemstetlers curve and much more.
Highlights include: the Big Savage Tunnel, Mason Dixon Line, Bone Cave, many more
Try our shuttle & rental package and get dropped off at Deal trailhead, next to the Continental Divide and enjoy the sweet 25miles back into town (did we mention it was all DOWNHILL). 

The Beginner Backpacking Trip _ Spruce Knob
Visit this backpacker’s delight, with a bevy of beautiful streams, pristine trails, and primitive campsites besides Seneca Creek and Seneca Falls. 
On this overnight trip, a Wheelzup guide will help you get down to basecamp where we will set up camp and together cook dinner for the group (food provided), team cook. After dinner, we will sit around the fire, stargaze and tell stories. 

There will be an opportunity to see wildlife, cross streams, listen to the sweet songs of natures, test out gear, and work out kinks in the safety of a group and under the supervision of an experienced guide.

The Mega Float
The Potomac river has gone through some extensive changes in the past decade, with major clean up initiatives and the gradual elimination of industrial waste runoff, it has slowly returned to one of the nicest recreational assets in the region.
Enjoy a single or multi-day float on the river, let us outfit you with a watercraft (Canoe, Kayak) and guide you on this wonderful float. 
There is a good chance of sighting some Beavers, Herons, an the occasional bald eagle.

Rocky Gap Climbing Experience
Join us for a thrilling day of rock climbing at Rocky Gap State Park! Our experienced guides will lead you on an adventure through a variety of challenging routes, suitable for climbers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll find plenty of exciting challenges to test your skills.

You’ll get to explore the natural beauty of the park as you climb, taking in breathtaking views and experiencing the rush of adrenaline as you conquer each climb. The event will take place on a designated climbing day with all necessary equipment provided, including harnesses, helmets, and climbing shoes.
Don’t miss this opportunity to challenge yourself and experience the thrill of rock climbing in one of the most beautiful state parks. Sign up today and get ready for an unforgettable experience
It’s time to start making your reservations for shuttles and rentals. 

Mandela’s Muses

Every time we cross into a new year, I go into this existential crisis of feelings and evaluations, goal setting, and assessments of roles, legacies etc… It’s exhausting just thinking about what my head thinks about. In most cases, making sense of all this boils down to one thing – Gratitude.
Striving for greatness seems a never ending battle with small victories only realized when we are able to grasp the fleeting stillness required to take a breath and recount the small wins (and failures) and find a way to be grateful for them.

With an open rate of 40%, I can say I am grateful that 40% of the people this newsletter hits their emails, and they take the time to listen to the words a regular hustler like me has to say.
For this and much more I am grateful. Here’s to a few more months of gratitude…


Wheelzup is expanding it’s operations into the Canal Place location. We will maintain our downtown location as well, and offer more softgoods and experiences out of that hub. 
Please be patient with us as you get that operation going, we will be temporarily closed to the public, but reachable via phone and social media. let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.
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