July 2022 Newsletter

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The Dog Days are Here…

Have you ever wondered where the phrase “Dog Days of Summer” comes from? Some think it has to do with oppressive heat in the months of July and August, it doesnt. It comes from the fact that in this period the sun occupies the position in the constellations usually held by Sirius – the star also known as the Dog star, visible from any part of Earth. It is also part of Canis Major – The greater Dog. How are you spending your dog days? 
Clinic limited to 10 people and in collaboration with the Rocky Gap state park.


Climbing Session at Rocky Gap State Park 

This will be an opportunity to introduce people to basic outdoor climbing. We will provide the equipment and trainers. We will meet at the Touch of nature parking lot and hike to the crags. This event is free and limited to 10 people. Please email info@wheelzupadventures.com to get put on the list.

Collection for those experiencing Homelessness

The Wheelzup crew recognize that homelessness is a real problem in our community too, and are working with the local Union Rescue to collect and donate used outdoor gear and equipment to support those currently experiencing homelessness.

Electra Townie Go 8D

Bikes – Ebikes

Wheelzup continues to be your one stop for all things ebikes. With an assortment of different types of Class 1 ebike. Stop in and see our offerings from Electra
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Mandela’s Muses

Light and darkness, summer and winter, mountaintops and valleys – opposites are what I have on my mind today. I always thought the opposite of love is Hate, I find that not to be the case. The opposite of love I think is fear. Sometimes we fear what we do not understand and that leads us to hate and all sorts of other unfriendliness, most fruits of ignorance.
I have come to learn that 2 of the most admirable traits I see in the people who influence me the most are Love and Curiosity. Embracing curiosity I think stretches us and helps us dare to answer the questions which are easy to be afraid of and ignore.
Most of the people who have done the most good for their communities dared to be curious and ask if it were possible to … fill in the blank. Together, let us embrace those 2 – Love and Curiosity. If we do not have love, we have nothing, and curiosity is the engine of achievement.
What’d you think?

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As summer approaches, here are some opportunities for you, your friends and your loved ones to get outside, discover yourself, try and learn something new, all in beautiful, wonderful Western Maryland.
Mark your calendars.
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Every Wednesday at 6pm, come experience Wheelzup Wednesdays. 60 mins – Hike or Bike, Easy pace and opportunity to meet some really cool people. Meet outside Wheelzup!

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