June 2022 Newsletter

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Here comes the sun…

It’s that time of the year again, when true summer returns to the mountains. With warm temperatures, humid evenings, the smell of freshly cut grass and the return of the fireflies. It is also the time in which the rivers warm up, the trees are full with welcoming shade and the sound of young boisterous children fill the woods as they trade classroom behind a desk for the school of nature, outdoors. 
Summer, be it sunny and hot, or rainy and gloomy is defined by our mindset, we could choose to be miserable and unhappy, or seize the moment to connect and commune with friends, family and nature. You know our preference.
Inflatables anyone?
Are you a watersports person, but are tired of having to load and unload your kayak? Have you been seeing these Stand Up Paddle-boards (SUP) and would really want to try them out someday.
Why you should try SUP
  • Light
  • Packable
  • Can travel with them
  • Incredible warranty and support.
At Wheelzup, we have a great assortment of inflatable SUPs and kayaks… We even have river tubes. Stop by and see us at the Standup Paddle clinic at Rocky Gap state park June 16th, we will have a few to try out.
A walk around Historic Cumberland, MD

Mandela’s Muses

Today, on my drive to drop off my daughter at Horse camp, I could not help but recognize the amount of energy I had pulsing through me –  physically and emotionally. I had scores of things on my to-do list, 3 kids off school for the summer, a growing business, and a new puppy. I rode 20 miles at 6:30am this morning and I was ready to meet this loaded day with optimism and gusto. I recognized – men, you may be in prime of your life, with no obstacles in sight and energy to spare. This is akin to the polaroid pictures of now older people you come across, with them having a full head of hair, wire rimmed maxi glasses, bell bottom trousers and a similar air of energy and promise.

I began to wonder if with time, one looks back to these days with envy and sadness or with content and recognition that “I have lived a good life”?
I hope the latter – Today, I did acknowledge that Life has been kind to me and many people I know, God has given me grace and favor, and I hope to look back on these years with a smile. 

The upside of my generation is that when the time comes and I’m redlining while riding at 5mph, I can tell them to go look at my Strava for what used to be..

Wheelzup Adventures Product Highlight
Stop in at Wheelzup for awesome father’s day gifts, from Sunnies from Goodr, Smith, Suncloud, tio apparel and gear from Mountainsmith and Osprey. Keen Targhi boots 40% off.
Use online code – WhZUPDads22
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As summer approaches, here are some opportunities for you, your friends and your loved ones to get outside, discover yourself, try and learn something new, all in beautiful, wonderful Western Maryland.
Mark your calendars.
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Every Wednesday at 6pm, come experience Wheelzup Wednesdays. 60 mins – Hike or Bike, Easy pace and opportunity to meet some really cool people. Meet outside Wheelzup!

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