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by | Feb 24, 2021 | Blog

Every year around this time, when the days get longer and I begin to see more green than white on the ski slope, I begin to ponder what outdoor activity I like best.

Biking was my first love, well the motorcycle was my first love, and then I got the hots for human-powered sports. I love the toil of the uphill grind, especially around here, I especially love going downhill though less with each passing day.

I love skiing, both when it’s lift-served or when I earn my turns, the joy is in the effortlessness when you are doing it right. So much easier to get in the state of flow. Your just in a good mood when skiing on a blue bird day.

Of course, I love the simple run or hike or walk. I like it for the relatively low cost of entry, expertise, time or commitment. I love it most because it affords an opportunity to get out and hangout with loved ones.

I am most fascinated and least competent in water sports. Nothing like floating on a summer day and vacillating between the deck of a boat and the refreshing depts. I wish I were better at boating, alas I swim like a stone that ate too many donuts.

Ultimately, I think I’d take skiing above all, but like the typical Jack of all trade I strive to be, I want it all. What is your fav?

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