Welcome to this space, I’m glad you stopped in. For our very first post, we want to define what this space is going to be used for - everything.

sometimes the Wheelzup crew get’s a little heading and start to contemplate the basis of the universe - we do t feel there’s anything wrong with that, on the contrar, we think that’s worthy post adventure gist. Grab a brew and ponder this with us...

Having it both ways.

In today’s world, it seems we are all concerned with holding closer those things that matter and discarding all else, we want to be in the moment, living life to the fullest, chasing nirvana - that pure all-encompassing experience, void of drudgery, slog or social mandates. We want to do what we love and love what we do.

It feels like chasing a phantom, here one moment and gone the next. You get a glimpse of it when u foray into outdoors or after an epic adventure, it calls you from an edifying movie, or a song seemingly tailor made for you. Like that yoga moment where you are fully in touch with every part of yourself, fully conscious, completely present. However, in the midst of the toil of provision, and self-sustenance, of social unrest, political mismanagement and globalization, one must ask where the kiss of illusions end and the jab of reality starts.

Can we really dwell in that moment? Can that truly be our life, a place where one is divorced from modern day convenience and bondages? Can one be truly free, happy and living that life that desk-junkies long for? I am not saying it is impossible, as there are countless hippies and free spirits touting that freedom.

I might be so blinded by the chains of the socially acceptable that I question if this is a case of wanting to eat your cake and have it, I do truly want to be counted amongst the number that claim to be experiencing this liberty but I also feel in these times, we must live each day in its fullness, appreciating, and trying to improve the drudgery as well as chase down and immerse ourselves in those moments when we experience pure passion, joy, freedom and purpose. I think this indeed is what life is, playing the hand you have been dealt and not trying to spend just one side of a coin.

I told you it gets heady around here. What are your thoughts on the desire to just live free?

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