Shuttle Services

Shuttle Services for the GAP Trail and C&O Canal

Our shuttle services provide convenient transportation options for both cyclists and their bicycles, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience on these scenic trails.

Shuttle Price List

All rates are based on 2 passengers and 2 bicycles. Every additional passenger and bicycle will cost an additional $20. Flat Fee for luggage. You can make a reservation yourself by clicking the BOOK NOW button above. Call 301-777-8724 with any questions.


Downtown Pittsburgh $320 125 miles
Homestead $295 120 miles
McKeesport $290 105 miles
Boston $265 100 miles
West newton $250 90 miles
Perryopolis $245 85 miles
Dawson $230 80 miles
Connellsville $220 78 miles
Ohiopyle $165 58 miles
Confluence $140 42 miles
Rockwood $120 40 miles
Garrett $110 38 miles
Meyersdale $90 28 miles
Deal $80 20 miles
Frostburg $55 13 miles
Cumberland Airport $50
DC – Pittsburgh $620
Rocky Gap $55 10 miles
Spring Gap $65 10 miles
Oldtown $70 15 miles
Town Creek $80 18 miles
Paw-Paw $95 20 miles
Little Orleans $140 35 miles
WM rail
$160 38 miles
Hancock $160 38 miles
Big Pool $170 48 miles
Williamsport $215 63 miles
Shepherdstown $235 80 miles
Harpers Ferry $275 93 miles
Brunswick $290 95 miles
Great Falls $315 122 miles
Georgetown $335 133 miles

Shared shuttle to help manage price for clients: Regular price: $320 for 2 passengers/bikes and $20 for every additional passenger. For this service: $90/person (minimum 5 passengers – different party).

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Shuttle FAQ

What is the cost of the shuttle?

Wheelzup offers very competitive pricing on shuttles with prices dependent on the final destination and the number of passengers. Pricing and schedule availability can be accessed Here.

Is there a set time for the shuttle?

Majority of our shuttles are customized to the client’s schedule. We have limited shared ride opportunities. 

Shuttles begin as early as 7am and late as 5pm, there is a $25 high-traffic surcharge for shuttles to Pittsburgh and Washington DC.

What type of vehicle is the shuttle?

We have multiple vehicle styles from 12, 15 passenger vans to 6 passenger minivans. When necessary, we have trailers we use.

Do you shuttle recumbents?

We shuttle regular bikes, tandems, trikes, recumbents. Currently we have not come across a type of bike we have been unable to find a way to safely transport.

Do you shuttle trikes?

We shuttle regular bikes, tandems, trikes, recumbents. Currently we have not come across a type of bike we have been unable to find a way to safely transport.

Do you shuttle ebikes?

We shuttle regular bikes, tandems, trikes, recumbents. Currently we have not come across a type of bike we have been unable to find a way to safely transport.

Do you do luggage shuttles?

We shuttle luggage with a limitation to 2 pieces per rider and a weight limit, we are happy to make other accommodations (fees may be applied), call or send us a message for some help.

Do you have parking at your shop?

There long and short term parking within 45 seconds walk to the Canal place location. Both locations are currently free and safe.

Short term parking

13 Canal Street, Cumberland MD 21502 (Opposite the train station)

 Long Term Parking

15 Howard Street, Cumberland MD 21502 (Under the interstate bridge, opposite the shop).

What direction do most people ride?

It depends on a few variables, we generally advise people to finish the ride at your car, that way, you do not complete a 40-mile day and still have to wait for a shuttle or endure a long ride back to your car. 

Parking your vehicle at Cumberland is always a good option because its free, no traffic easy in and out and on your last day, you get to enjoy the 25miles of downhill ride from Deal to Cumberland.

However, if you live closer to Pittsburg, it may make more sense to finish in Pittsburgh, and have a shorter drive home. Either way has its benefits.

What is your cancelation policy?

All cancelations incur a $50 reservation fee. For any cancellation up to 5 days before the scheduled shuttle, your fare is refunded. After 5 days, 50% is refunded. contact the shop for more information.

Where do we get picked up for the shuttle?

The easiest place to pick up is at the shop at Canal place, however, we are flexible and happy to pick customers at their Air BNB, hotel room or a different location. Ensure that this is arranged with us and confirm this when you receive your reservation notice.

How do I know you have not forgotten about me?

You will receive a confirmation email once the reservation is made; you will also receive a reminder email 2 days before your appointment and finally a few hours before the scheduled appointment. You can also always contact the shop directly to confirm.

Is there a set time for shuttles?

All shuttles are scheduled according to the requested times of the guests. We do not run on a set schedule. Let us know the time you want to travel, and we work to accomodate that.

How do you transport the bikes?

Depending on the size of the group and the vehicle in our fleet which is appropriate, for small groups, we use a hitch bike rack, roof rack or a combination of both.

For more cumbersome bikes, we are able to put bikes inside our big van or pull an enclosed trailer. Using a trailer brings additional cost.

Where do you drop off or pick up in Pittsburg?

We drop off of pick up anywhere within a 3 mile radius of Point State park. As long as it is close to Downtown, we can drop or pick up there. The only caveat is if the ride requires us to pull a trailer.

It is typically best for clients to ride down to Point State park and we can pick them up there.

Where do you drop off or pick up in Washington DC?

We drop off or pick up from Thompson Boat Center in Georgetown. This is next to Mile 0 of the C&O (2900 Virginia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20037). Sometimes we a re able to drop off and pick up at other locations, however, this is usually challanging due to traffic and other factors. 

if interested in a different location, contact the shop directly to confirm. Additional costs may be involved.

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GAP Trail & C&O Canal

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