December 2022 Newsletter

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It’s Beginning to Look A lot like …Winter

Yes, its here, that time of the year when it takes a little more effort to roll out from under a warm blanket, when running into your car and heading out 5 minutes behind schedule is no longer feasible, and time most be allocated for warming the car and scrapping ice from your windshield. Tis the time when depression is always around the corner, and the limited sunlight not only enables over-eating and binge-watching episodes of the office for the 5th time, but can cause one to question the true value of making a life in the mountains. Not to fret, we will cheer you up and give you some tips on how to capitalize on the chill.
We hope you had a great thanksgiving – We are thankful for you.
We are working on hosting the Wilderness First Aid (WFA) class again in February or March. We need a minimum of 16 people, so please drop us a note saying you are interested in Feb or Mar. The class is not free and will cost between $270 and $310
On this coast, we may be short on sunlight during the winter months, we are not short on fun, especially when it’s with friends and family.
How to survive winter in the mountains
Accept it
It all starts with mindset – It’s going to be cold, it’s going to snow, it’s going to be dark and gloomy, thats a fact. Spend less time being down about it – expect and embrace it, however, also expect some absolutely georgous bluebird days, with the sun shinning and the air crisp and sweet.

Try Something New
Everyone seems to think skiing is the main thing to do in the winter – It’s not! There are many other thing to do outside: snowshoeing, to winter hiking, iceskating, good old walking the dog, and indoor: learning a new musical instrument, taking up quilting or something else. The winter is a great time to stretch your mind and grow. One way to pass the sun-starved days of winter is to keep the mind occupied and come out in spring with a new skill – What will it be for you?

Eat, Drink, Be Merry
Summer is a time when we are always on the go, from work, to kids, to obligations, even vacation can seem like a chore. Summer is a great time to stay local, support local arts, crafts and businesses that are just waiting for summer and tourist dollars. Winter in the mountain is the best time to gather and break bread with family and friends. Go ahead and pencil it on your calendar now.
Pretty stoked to be awarded this – Thank you community! we are nothing without you. 
We have always aspired to be like Chick-Fil-a, in that every parent would love to have their teenager work there. Are you or do you know someone who would make be a great fit for the Wheelzup Crew (you do not have to be a teenager), hit us up, We would love to have you.

Mandela’s Muses

I find that there is something heroic about spiders, prone to be unfortunately discovered in unwanted domestic settings, they are apt to come to an abrupt conclusion on the business side of a shoe, there are however those occasions when the job is not effectively done, and they continue to soldier on with some of their body damaged.
There is something admirable about the strive, about their insistent attempt to resume life like all is well, Albeit with a few limbs irrevocably damaged. Somehow in my mind, I interpret that as Hope… no Faith. It is effort made “in spite” of any limitations, a trust and confidence despite the evidence.
As we close the books on a very difficult year for many, let’s take a second to remember life of a few months ago, it would do us well to draw on hope and faith and whatever you want to call it, that helped us get through to continue to strive for a better tomorrow, it starts with us believing, it starts with Faith, built on with Love and gives us Hope.
Merry Christmas and happy new year y’all.


Sometimes taking kids skiing is no fun at all, however, it pays off in a few years… Here are some tips.
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