Guided Bike Tours

Transvirginia backcountry Gravel

  • Date: May 11th – 17th, 2024
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Accommodation: Camping
  • Support: Van Supported
  • Surface: Gravel
  • Difficulty: 5/5 (Ruged Mountainous Terrain)
  • Cost: $1699


Explore Virginia’s backcountry on a gravel bike tour with Wheelzup Adventures in Cumberland, MD. The TransVirginia Route offers a diverse and challenging cycling experience.

You’ll start alongside mountain streams with rhododendron-lined paths, then head up to Wind Rock Overlook at Mountain Lake, known for its role in Dirty Dancing. Afterward, enjoy a leisurely ride on the historic New River Trail, and take in the wonderful gravel riding in the Mount Rogers Recreation Area.

One more mountain climb leads to the Virginia Creeper Trail, a must-visit for gravel cyclists and a Rail Trail Hall of Fame inductee.

Join Wheelzup Adventures for this unique journey through Virginia’s backcountry, where you’ll encounter diverse landscapes and communities. It’s a memorable gravel biking adventure that combines challenge, history, and natural beauty.



Day 1: Arrival (0 miles)

Get ready for the ultimate gravel outdoor adventure. Meet us in Roanoke, VA, and we’ll shuttle you 1.5 hours north to the scenic Douthat State Park. This beautiful park, known for its hiking and mountain biking trails, is where your Trans Virginia bike adventure begins.


Day 2: Millboro to Paint Bank (46 miles)

Depart from beautiful Douthat State Park and hit the TransVirginia Route.

The route includes a rugged section of national forest road and eight miles of improved gravel roads along a cascading stream.

Pass through Covington along the James River, then ride on paved roads to the National Children’s Forest.

Eight more miles of very nice national forest road will lead us to our campsite along Potts Creek, a beautiful trout stream.


Day 3: Paint Bank to Eggleston (39 miles)

Ride through the scenic Potts Creek valley on mostly paved roads.

Visit Paint Bank, a charming historic town with interesting sites.

Encounter bison and wildlife as you venture into West Virginia.

Enjoy a gravel road climb up to the Mountain Lake Wilderness Area, with the option to visit Wind Rock Overlook and Mountain Lake Lodge.

Camp along the New River at Eggleston Springs Campground.


Day 4: Eggleston to Foster Falls (56 miles)

Experience a mix of gravel and paved sections, making your way to the New River Trail.

The New River Trail is a 57-mile crushed limestone trail along the historic New River, with tunnels, bridges, and trestles.

Camp along the river at Foster Falls, where you can enjoy amenities and visit the historic Shot Tower.


Day 5: Foster Falls to Fries (46 miles)

Ride the remainder of the New River Trail, with just eight miles of pavement.

Take a side trip to Galax, known for the Blue Ridge Parkway and its rich music heritage.

Conclude the day with a climb to Sunrise Cabin, a mountaintop destination to watch the sunset.


Day 6: Fries to Sugar Grove (49 miles)

Experience our most challenging day with 13 miles of gravel.

Explore the Mount Rogers Recreation Area with its stunning wilderness areas, free-ranging ponies, and scenic landscapes.

Overnight at Hurricane Campground in the secluded backcountry.


Day 7: Sugar Grove to Abingdon (58 miles)

Enjoy 45 miles of enjoyable gravel riding, including a descent from Whitetop on the Virginia Creeper Trail, a Rail Trail Hall of Fame.

Reach Damascus, known as Trail Town USA, where multiple trails converge, and Trail Days may be underway.

Continue on the Creeper Trail along beautiful Laurel Creek, passing through scenic farmland to Abingdon, where we will pick you up and shuttle 2 hours back to Roanoke.


**Additional Information:**

The terrain and road surface on this tour is not suitable for road bikes. It is on challenging backcountry unpaved roads.

Bicycles that can accommodate 42mm tires or larger are recommended.

Expect significant climbing with some grades up to 18%, so lower gearing, preferably 23 gear inches or less, is advisable.

What Is Provided

Meals (shared cooking) are included beginning with lunch the first day and concluding with lunch the last day.

Shuttles are included from the designated parking area in Roanoke.
Campground fees are included with every night that dinner is included.

What’s NOT included

  • Parking fees
  • Overnight accommodations prior to the shuttle on the first day.

Appropriate bike type

Gravel or Mountain Bike with a 42mm tire width or larger. Due to a lack of charging capabilities, E-bikes are not allowed on this tour. 

Please contact Wheelzup.

Meet your Tour Guides

Greg Edwards

Greg Edwards, hailing from Fincastle, VA, is a passionate cyclist who embarked on his cycling journey in 1993. Over the years, he has not only explored the beauty of all 50 states in the USA on his bike but has also ventured through four countries. In 2008, Greg designed his first tour, and since then, he has organized numerous cycling tours, guiding enthusiasts through 37 states and overseas adventures. 

What truly sets Greg apart is his genuine love for helping others create enduring memories during these tours. For him, the joy of sharing the world's wonders on two wheels and creating lasting experiences for fellow cyclists is the most rewarding aspect of his adventures. Through his leadership, Greg Edwards continues to inspire and uplift the spirits of those who share in his love for cycling and exploration.

Don Annonio

Don is an avid cyclist, skier, bike mechanic, and seasoned outdoorsman. Having led bicycle tours for over 15 years, he has been a certified guide for Adventure Cycling, Empire Stateride, and many other tours.

Don has led and biked the entire Blue Ridge Parkway, and Shenandoah National Park over five times, and will be bringing his expertise and laid back approach to life along for this adventure.

Days BEFORE tour start dateCancellation Fee / Transfer Options (per person)
90 or more
  • Deposit and additional service fees are non-refundable
  • Transfers Allowed; $100 administrative fee per transfer
89 - 60
  • Total funds paid are non-refundable
  • Transfers Allowed; $100 administrative fee per transfer
59 - 30
  • Total funds paid are non-refundable
  • Transfers Allowed; administrative fee of 25% of listed tour cost per transfer
29 - Tour Start
  • Total funds paid are non-transferable and non-refundable