May 2022 Newsletter

by | May 3, 2022 | Newsletters

Its official – Spring is here! As is customary in Western Maryland, we endured some frigid temperatures in April, a snow storm and some absolutely gorgeous days. However, the beauty is back in the mountains, the flowers and red buds are popping, the birds returning and the streams running. We want to use spring to welcome our newest way to stay in touch with you – the Wheelzup Times newsletter- cheesy we know, but we like it and hope you will too.

Sights of May


We have a few clinics lined up this month. 
  • Tire changing clinic – May 5th
  • Skateboarding clinic – May 21st
  • Beginner cycling class – May 21st

Smartwool Sock Recycling still on!

We continue to participate in the smartwool sock recycle program: bring in your clean old socks (any condition or brand). It gets sent to Smartwool for recycling and you get 20% off a pair of Smartwool socks.

Bikes – Ebikes

Wheelzup continues to be your one stop for all things ebikes. With an assortment of different types of Class 1 Ebike. Stop in and see our offerings from Electra
Ebike Demo day May 22nd at 1812 Brewery.
3 days on the C&O – The perfect welcome to Spring.

Mandela’s Muses

I contend that there are few things more satisfying than using the right tool for the right job. The perfect fit of the torque bit as it mates with the perfect bolt head, no wiggle, no loss of energy. The “Quiver-killer” is the accolade most trail bikes and skis aim for, a jack-of-all-trades and master of most. A bike or ski which eliminates the need for another, many a cyclist have attempted to shoehorn the gravel bike into this role.

Gravel bikes are lighter than most mountain bikes, capable of accommodating significantly larger tires and made all the more attractive by their availability in disc brake option, improving power and modulation. As great as the hype is around the versatility of a gravel bike, there is something to be said about purpose-built tools. Using a shovel to sweep the floor generates a similar sensation. The job will get done, albeit slowly, painstakingly and inefficiently. God created us for a purpose, but very often, we compromise our gifts and callings to be a gravel bike. We attempt to be amphibious in our philosophy of life, appease society’s expectation of us, and follow our dreams…at some point.
Cruising behind Brian on his gravel bike, as we rode the single track of Rocky Gap, he was going to get around the 5-mile loop that was for sure, he just was not having fun doing it. He wasn’t using the right tool.

Wheelzup Adventures Product Highlight
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As summer approaches, here are some opportunities for you, your friends and your loved ones to get outside, discover yourself, try and learn something new, all in beautiful, wonderful Western Maryland.
Mark your calendars.
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Every Wednesday at 6pm, come experience Wheelzup Wednesdays. 60 mins – Hike or Bike, Easy pace and opportunity to meet some really cool people. Meet outside Wheelzup!

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