October 2022 Newsletter

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Yellow, Amber, Green  and Gold

You can feel it now, that chill in the air, that extra reluctance to peel the blanket off when the alarm goes off. Even the sun delays its arrival every morning. Tis the season for love, the season for beauty, that time when we slow down and ponder the gifts of green spaces we have in these mountains. I remember it first happening to me, and then to my daughters, the first time they looked over a leaf-lit vista in high fall, even at a tender age, you could see them recognize that there is something special about this Appalachian mountain range. Grab a hot cup of brew, linger a little, the day can wait. Happy Fall y’all.
Meeting Link: meet.google.com/wio-unsn-wnd
Phone: (US) +1 812-727-7476 
PIN: 347561002
We are committed to starting a NICA team in Allegany county. NICA is basically mountain biking high school team sports. We are looking for people interested in being coaches, Wheelzup and our partners are committed to making it worth it for those who want to get involved

Hike for The Homeless.
Wheelzup in partnership with the Cumberland Union Rescue held the first hike for the homeless event at Rocky Gap state park. The event raised $17,000 for the homeless at the end of that day. The $30 registration fee provides 25 meals for the homeless. – Being the change you want to see –
Let’s Talk about Trails!
Trails could be the salvation of our little mountain town, many don’t see it, but we do. Trails can revitalize and capitalize on the hundreds of thousands of public land we have in the county, he we have helped start Allegany trails – focused on facilitating the creation, care and usage of sustainable trail systems in Western Maryland. Give Allegany Trails a follow.
The Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival is an international film competition and annual presentation of films and documentaries about mountain culture, sports, environment and adventure & exploration. 
You can view it here in Cumberland – More details coming.

Mandela’s Muses

Can you remember the name of your great grandfather, how about your grandmother? What truly is their legacy? I heard somewhere “you live as long as the last person who remembers you”. I think in realty, only a precious few are remembered past a few generations, so truly what is the true value or allure of legacy?
I think striving to be stenciled in the annals of history may be a fool’s errand and maybe investing more energy into positively affecting the people and places you come in contact with a more righteous and attainable endeavor.
One of the things I love about fall is the melancholy that comes with it and the itch to self-evaluate, a space to slow down, take a few steps back in order to move forward. Questions for you you: Are you content in life?

Wilderness First Aid and First Responder Class
We are getting together a WFA and WFR class for the fall and are trying to gauge interest. This will take place in Cumberland, MD. Is this something you are interested in, or know of others who would be? Easily say Yes, I’m in
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