What type of bike do I need?

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Newsletters

All about the bike!

Yes, we get a little red when we are referred to as “just a bike shop”, we are much more than that.
However, today we will focus on the 2 wheeled wonder called a bicycle. We will discuss:
  • The different classes of ebikes
  • Great places to ride in the area
  • Tips for riding safely
  • Some groups to join and plug into the cycling community
Before we get there, have you called that person that has been on your mind all week? Go ahead, we’ll wait…
Come in for a test ride!
What type of bike do I need?
There are so many different types of bikes on the market these days, with a lot of them overlapping in functionality and features. Here are some of the key types to help you decide what is best for you:

Hybrid Bikes
Hybrid bikes are the do it all recreational bike. They typically come with a flat bar and fairly relaxed geometry.
They are very comfortable with and can be ridden on the road and mellow trails. 
Majority of the population would be satisfied with this style of bikes for recreational riding/

Mountain Bike
We find that this is usually confused for a hybrid bike. Mountain bikes have a more agrressive geometry with  a lot of weight forward. 
They come with a front suspension and are designed to be ridden on bumpy, undulating trails. If you are not going to be mountain biking, in most cases, go with a hybrid bike.

Gravel Bike
These are drop bar bikes designed for versitility and extended riding. They have lots of mounts to affix bags and bottles and usually have wider tires to give more comfort. These are great bikes if you are into adventure, mix-surface commuting and or riding.

Electric bikes are bikes that have a motor and some sort of battery to eith propel the rider, or assist as they pedal. there are 3 classes of ebikes, with assist capabilities of up to 20mph, and beyond. We are big fans of pedal-assist bikes, which require the rider to be pedaling in order to get assisted – non-throttled/
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Wednesdays are for Wheelzup

If you have not heard of our Wheelzup Wednesdays, it’s an opportunity to get outdoors and build community:
  • We meet in front of our shop at Canal Place
  • Hike or bike for 60 mins – no pressure and no one left behind.
  • Not focused on speed or distance – Time and people.
Days of Delfest!
New Rider Tips.
There are few things more fun that riding bikes with your kids. It is however challenging to get them to learn to ride independently. 

Pro Tip: Never start your kids with training wheels.
If they are young enough, start them with a balance bike 
If too old for one, remove the cranks on a kids bike and have them start that way.
In a few weeks, they will transition seamlessly to a regular bike.
You welcome!
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Mandela’s Muses

Yesterday I went for a long bike ride; about 40 miles and 4K feet of climbing (the typical 100 ft per mile in Western Maryland). This used to be a normal ride for me a few years ago, now, like most other people, life is busy and the little things that brought me so much joy and calm are the first to be sacrificed for “future goals”.
I wonder if there is in fact a thing like work/life balance?
A friend said its either mostly work, or mostly life, and the key is to maximize whatever side of the scale you find yourself.

I tend to agree. Right now, its mostly work for me, but, I’m trying to swing that, make the most of whereever you find yourself… Peace and love

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Rider Groups to Connect…
For some opportunities to connect with other riders:
Wheelzup Events and Clinics

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